Purple in Belém


40" x 30" oil on canvas. 2020

This painting is inspired by some shots I took in Belém, Lisbon, Portugal, next to the National Museum of Carriages. There was a very interesting juxtaposition of the old traditional houses in the background with their trademark terracotta roofs and concrete structures in front of them. From a particular viewpoint, together they formed a very peculiar composition.

We only got to Belém later in the day and the sun was already setting. It was a little windy, with few people around, and there was a touch of melancholy about the scene. The big purple slab wasn't in the original shot, but I somehow feel it's appropriate. 

There's a lot of texture in the painting (see close-up shots) but everywhere except on the purple slab the paint isn't particularly pastose. In contrast, the slab is thick, slick and radiates juicy purple pigment.

This painting is also available as a limited edition fine art print. 

  • 16x21" giclée print, limited edition run of 200
  • Signed and numbered by the artist, certificate of authenticity provided.
  • Pigment ink on museum quality 330 GSM cotton rag paper.
  • Read about how I make my limited edition giclée prints