Brushes and plaster lips on a shelf

I give art lessons at my studio in Toronto's Distillery District. I work with students one-on-one or in small groups, which allows me to focus on students' specific needs and preferences. I have strong classical training in painting from the San Francisco Academy of Art University and I'm delighted to help people develop their craft.

I work with students both on more foundational topics like light & shadow, colour and design, oil painting techniques, and more advanced topics such as composition, portraiture, and figure painting. I really enjoy helping adult students identify their skill gaps and develop a learning plan.

I don't think anybody knows where artistic genius comes from (or how much of it is out there anyway), but I'm firmly convinced that draftsmanship and painting technique are highly learnable skills. If you're interested, reach out to me and let's talk about what you're looking for.

My rate for one-on-one lessons is C$60 per hour and it's lower for group lessons.