Palm Sunday


18x24" oil on canvas. 2020.

I really liked the still life set up I had from the previous painting, so I decided I'd do a larger one. There's more detail on the kettle now including the bit where the paint has chipped very artistically 🧐. I needed to put something in the bottom left of the painting to balance out the composition, and I had a few boiled eggs I brought for lunch so... we have some very artistic eggs here. The eggs are thematically appropriate because, as I wrote, budding willow branches in Russia traditionally substitute for palm branches for Palm Sunday, and Easter is coming. Of course, if I were a practicing Orthodox Christian, I wouldn't have brought eggs for lunch because it's still Lent and eggs are very much verboten. But let's say the willow branches foreshadow the trials and tribulations of Jesus after His entry into Jerusalem and the eggs are a promise of rebirth and resurrection. The promise of eggs, too, by the way! I imagine the end of Lent for the faithful is a cheerful event not only spiritually but also gastronomically. Dear friends in the know: do I have a theologically coherent artist statement here or what?

No eggs were harmed in the making of this painting. They were eaten in the aftermath, however, in accordance with environmentally friendly zero-waste practices.

Also available as a limited edition 16" x 21" giclée print.

  • Limited edition of 200, signed and numbered by the artist. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Pigment ink on acid-free archival cotton paper (330 gsm), rated for 200 year fade resistance.
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